About Lesotho

At 1000m above sea level, the country of Lesotho is home to a population of 1,9 million. With various breathtaking geological structures and wildlife, the Basotho country is a breathtaking cultural experience.

Although, the country of Lesotho is landlocked, within South Africa, it is a sovereign state. The country, also known as the Kingdom in the Sky has a rich history, dating back to the famous King Moshoeshoe. Lesotho people, unlike most Southern African states, have stayed very close to their traditional culture and beliefs. When you explore the country, you will witness many youth wearing the beautiful Basotho blanket, forms of subsistence farming, cattle herding as well traditiional means of transport such as horses and donkey. However, certain parts of the country like Maseru tend to reflect a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

Lesotho is also home to Thabana-Ntlenyana, which at 3482m is the highest peak in Africa south of Kilimanjaro.The Drakensberg and Maluti mountain highlands dominate Lesotho’s terrain. The country's unique geology, culture and nature make it worth visitiing